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Single Family Home Leasing Program


Riverside Management is pleased to offer single family home leasing services to our clients without a full service management contract.  In the past, these specialized services were only available to our full service property management clients.  We have developed a comprehensive leasing program for those who only want help with leasing their home.  We are simply applying our expertise in residential leasing to a new program available to all.  You get professional & experienced leasing expertise at a very competitive rate. 


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Should you hire a local realtor or Riverside Management to lease your home?

A side by side comparison



Riverside Management



Uses a “Proprietary Marketing Matrix” to cover all aspects of marketing your home – use of MLS but also our own website and 50+ other websites specializing in rentals, rental flyers, yard signs, advice on curb appeal and interior condition.  We are marketing experts for leasing.


Primarily MLS and yard sign

Speed; which equals money

Average time to rent = 36 days,

20% faster


* Average MLS time to rent = 45 days


One Month’s Rent


One Month’s Rent


We handle all showings with leasing specialists


Showing with general agent


Use of our rental application – proven by years of refinement



Back Ground Checks

Extensive back ground checks done on each application by our staff.  Includes a full credit report, criminal report, a search for previous evictions, employment verification, and rental verification.

Limited or none


Use of our lease for your property.  Attorney prepared and owner friendly.  Tested and proved 100% solid in court.


Office Supply Store Lease


Illinois real estate brokerage company focused exclusively on leasing your home– focused and specialized.


Generalist – focused primarily on buying and selling property


Over 18 years of experience exclusively focusing on real estate leasing and management; which is a completely different operation that buying and selling homes.


Varies – experience primarily on buying and selling.

Tenant Selection

Application and selection standards are proven effective over time.  Placed thousands of tenants.


Limited help and experience with selection

Tenant Retention

Tenants appreciate a professional approach to leasing with well trained staff.


Limited help and experience with retention

* As per data from MLS market reports on rented single family homes from 2/1/15 to 2/1/16. 


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By using Riverside Management for your leasing, you now have someone you can call if you need a bit of help.  You also get access to our vendors and systems if needed.  The rental business is not complicated but can be very challenging.    Maintenance issues????  Collection problems??????  Just give us a call.  We have the solution to your property management needs.